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5 Important Questions to Ask Your Electrical Company

At some point, you may need the services of your local electrical company. Before you bring in an electrician to work in your home or business, you may need to do a bit of research. According to Zippia, there are over 30,000 electrical contractors in the United States, so it can seem overwhelming to pick just one. Here are some questions to help narrow down your options.

1. Do You Have a Specialization?

Electrical work isn't a one-size-fits-all profession. An electrician may have a specialty or specific type of building they prefer to work on. For example, some may specialize in commercial work versus residential work. Some may be an expert at working on a power grid.

2. Do You Offer Estimates?

An estimate provided by your electrical company can help you understand how much you can expect to pay for their services. This is essential so that you can budget for their services accordingly. Indeed Electric offers free estimates in a timely manner providing as much helpful information as possible before work begins.

3. Do You Have a License?

Never let an electrician work on your property without the proper license! A reputable electrical company will always have a license from the state to conduct legal electrical work. There are a lot of liability and safety issues when dealing with electrical wiring, so it is always best to hire a trained professional.

4. May I See References?

A professional electrical company shouldn't hesitate to provide references. References are useful to see if they've worked well with past clients and did the job they said they would do. References can validate the company's professionalism and assure that you're hiring the right professional to do safe and quality work.

5. Will I Need Other Repairs?

Depending upon the intensity of the electrical work, it may involve other adjustments in your home or business. For example, what seems like a small issue to you might turn out to require extensive rewiring or the installation of new equipment after professional inspection.

Electricity makes our homes and businesses convenient to live and work in. However, it can also be dangerous in the wrong and inexperienced hands. The above questions can help you pick the best electrical contractor for your project when you need one. Contact our local team at Indeed Electric today for a consultation.


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