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New Construction/Remodels

New Construction

Indeed Electric specializes in custom electrical installations for anything from new home builds to a commericial space. We work closely with the General Contractor and owner to design the electrical system so that the end product is safe, reliable and meets all electrical codes. An estimated cost will be provided to make sure all budgets are met before we ever start work. We use top of the line material that is the best that the market has to offer. Indeed Electric warranties all of our work for one year from completion. 
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Remodel & Renovations

Remodel and Renovations have really increased over the past several years. Everything from bathrooms and kitchens to whole house remodels. One of the most important parts of any remodel is the electrical system. Existing electrical wiring and lighting must be removed and replaced with new wiring and lighting. This requires a great deal of planning and skill on the part of all construction trades to work together and accordingly plan. 
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